We’re making it easier to diversify your portfolio.

As a client, you'll know exactly what's included in the final cost because you'll receive commission-style pricing when you place a fixed-income order online.

  • Commission-style pricing at $1 a bond ($1 per $1,000 FACE VALUE, $24.99 min/$250 max)**
  • Benefit from multiple liquidity providers for truly competitive pricing
  • Choose from Canadian and U.S. bonds, corporate bonds, strip bonds, 
    T-Bills, high-yield bonds, and more
  • Know what you're paying in commissions with no markups or hidden fees

While spreads have always been included in the principal amount for bonds, the commissions are now transparent and shown in detail. For more information, see Fixed-Income Pricing Explained.

Take the guesswork out of finding the right bonds.

Scotia iTRADE trading platforms feature tools that allow our clients to:

  • View market depth prices available from all our providers
  • Search Scotia iTRADE's large inventory of over 2,300 fixed income securities
  • Compare bonds by coupon, price, credit rating, and yield

To learn more about Bonds, please visit our Bonds page.

$1 per $1,000 Face Value ($24.99 minimum, $250 maximum). Pricing applies to secondary market trades conducted online through Scotia iTRADE only. Minimum commission of $24.99 applies to each trade. Add $50.00 for telephone representative – assisted trades. Foreign exchange fees will be applied to trades involving securities that are denominated in a currency other than the currency of the account in which the trade is placed. Please visit scotiaitrade.com, "Help Centre – Converting Funds between Currencies", for more information.

All bonds are subject to risk, including interest rate risk, credit risk and inflation risk. Investors are responsible for their own investment decisions and should carefully evaluate the risks associated with fixed income investments prior to investing.