The Recognia Technical Analysis1 suite of products gives you the knowledge you need to recognize key market events and investment patterns in order to make informed trading and investment decisions.

  • Get relevant and tailored trade ideas by selecting the technical and fundamental criteria that match your trading style
  • Gain confidence in your investing and trading decisions by backtesting your strategy. This allows you to see the criteria underlying your strategy and how it would have performed over the past five years
  • View your trade ideas anywhere at any time by “bookmarking” your personal link on your phone or tablet

Enjoy having access to all of tools and research traditionally used only by professional money managers, all at the click of a button. You can also receive email alerts notifying you about new opportunities, Watch Lists, symbols and more.

Technical Analysis screener screenshot

Technical Event Stock Screener and Lookup
Identify new investment opportunities with our Technical Events Stock Screener. Research recent technical events based on stock price movements and formations.

Technical Charting
Customize charts to include technical indicators and monitor price movements.

Technical Event Alerts
Keep an eye on the market and get the information you need to make better investment decisions. You can set up an automatic email notification to receive alerts based on specific Technical Event criteria.

Featured Ideas
Get relevant and tailored ideas by selecting the technical and fundamental criteria that match your trading style.

Allows you to see the criteria underlying your strategy and how it would have performed over the past five years.

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