Mutual Funds Screener

Quickly and easily narrow down Canadian mutual fund options.
  • Screen by price, type,
    yield and more
  • Powerful and
    easy to use
  • Screen then invest
    with a few clicks

With surprising power behind a simple interface, we make it easy to choose top performing mutual funds from the thousands of possibilities.

Mutual Funds Screener interface
  • Diversify your portfolio without spending hours researching
  • Improve your investment decisions with in-depth information
  • Reduce costs by screening out funds with too-high fees

Easy and informative

Screen for a huge variety of criteria with a few clicks.

Equities screener screenshot
  • Price range, type of mutual fund and performance-based screening criteria
  • Save-and-store lets you easily repeat similar searches
  • Advanced screening capabilities include third-party analysis and ratings.
  • Predefined Screeners allow instant screening for Bond Funds, Canadian Equity Funds and many more
  • Quick Menu offers watch list and trading functions from the Screener

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