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Introducing U.S. Dollar Registered Accounts

Take advantage of investment opportunities in U.S. markets with Scotia iTRADE U.S. dollar registered accounts, which allow you to trade U.S. denominated securities and hold U.S. cash in the U.S. dollar side of your registered account without incurring currency conversion charges.2

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This general description of our registered products is provided to you for informational purposes only and is not intended to be and should not be construed as tax advice or any other investment advice of any kind. Scotia iTRADE does not provide investment advice or recommendations of any kind, including tax advice. Individual circumstances will influence your investment decisions and you should consult with your own tax and investment advisor.

Scotia iTRADE offers Registered plans (e.g. RRSP, RRIFs) that are denominated in both Canadian and U.S dollars (except Registered Education Savings Plan which is denominated in only Canadian dollars). Where foreign denominated assets are bought, sold or held in such a registered account with both Canadian and U.S. dollar side enabled:

a) Any tax withholding or reporting under applicable tax legislation will be in Canadian dollars, at the applicable exchange rate. It is your responsibility to monitor any limits under applicable tax legislation when dealing in foreign denominated assets in a registered account;

b) We may sell or settle assets within a registered account between different currencies to administer the account, including payment of fees, or to prevent debit balances; and

c) We are not liable in respect of any fees or losses that may arise in connection with sales or conversions of foreign denominated registered assets; and

d) For contributions and withdrawals where a currency conversion occurs, the foreign currency component may include a retail "mark-up" or spread over and above the single, benchmark, mid-market rate used by Scotia Capital Inc.

Please ensure you have reviewed section 1.7 of the Scotia iTRADE® Relationship Disclosure Document and Terms and Conditions. In addition, you can get more details on foreign exchange transactions by logging onto Scotia OnLine, clicking ‘Help’, and searching for "Converting Funds Between Currencies through Scotia iTRADE" in the help section.