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Commissions and Fees

Commissions & Fees

Get great savings when you trade and invest with commissions as low as $4.991.

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Account Fees and Other Fees

Commission-free ETFs

Scotia iTRADE® brings you commission-free2 online trading on a variety of ETFs from leading Canadian ETF providers.

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Account Fees and Other Fees

Buck a Bond

Invest in fixed income and diversify your portfolio!3 Choose from Canadian and U.S. bonds, corporate bonds, strip bonds, T-Bills, high-yield bonds and more with commission-style pricing at $1 a Bond4.

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$9.99 Loyalty Pricing

Scotiabank StartRight Program

New to Canada? New Scotiabank StartRight® customers get 10 free trades when they invest a minimum of $1,000 in a new Scotia iTRADE account5.

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$4.99 Commissions

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend or family member who is not already a Scotia iTRADE client and you’ll both receive a choice of up to 50 FREE trades or up to $100 cash6.

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Scotia iTRADE iClub

With two levels of membership, our most highly engaged investors enjoy an array of complimentary benefits, valuable services and exclusive privileges.

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To qualify for commissions of $4.99 flat per Canadian or U.S. equities trade and $4.99 + $1.25/contract for each options trade, you must execute at least 150 commission-generating trades within a calendar quarter. To qualify for commissions of $9.99 flat per Canadian or U.S. equities trade and $9.99 + $1.25/contract for each options trade, you must (i) execute at least 30 commission-generating trades within a calendar quarter or (ii) have a minimum of $50,000 in combined Scotia iTRADE account assets or (iii) have a minimum balance of $50,000 within products or accounts held across The Bank of Nova Scotia, Scotia iTRADE, ScotiaMcLeod, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company, 1832 Asset Management L.P., 1832 Asset Management U.S. Inc. and ScotiaMcLeod Financial Services Inc. Eligible accounts and products include the following: Mortgages, Lines of Credit, Credit Cards (Visa/AMEX), chequing and saving accounts, personal loans, investment accounts (TFSA, RRSP, Non-Registered Accounts etc), GICs, mutual funds, non-corporate business accounts. The $50,000 minimum balance will be determined by deposits on file, investments and actual loaned funds. Commission-generating trades are buys and sells of: Equities, Options and Fixed Income Instruments subject to commissions. Buys and Sells of GICs, ETFs and mutual funds that do not generate a commission, Canada Savings Bonds and Provincial Savings Bonds, are examples of trades that are not commission-generating. New qualification status will be effective on the same business day the requirement for a specific number of trades or asset value has been satisfied. You will also qualify in the calendar quarter subsequent to the quarter when new qualification status became effective (the "Subsequent Quarter"). If the requirements for a specific number of trades or asset value are satisfied in the Subsequent Quarter, you will retain your qualification status in the quarter following the Subsequent Quarter. Otherwise, you will need to re-qualify after the end of the Subsequent Quarter. Fees for U.S. transactions are charged in U.S. dollars.

Refers to Scotia iTRADE's brokerage commission for online trade execution only. Does not take into account fees, charges, expenses or commissions imposed by the fund companies, all of which can be associated with ETF investments. You should carefully consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, fees, charges, expenses and commissions before investing. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the fund. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. In order to qualify, trades of Eligible ETFs must be placed online. You will be charged our regular equity commission (from $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 up to 1,000 shares, $0.03 per share for orders over 1000 shares) depending on the pricing tier for which you qualify – see online fee schedule) on the sale of any Eligible ETFs held for less than 1 business day. Add $65.00 for telephone representative – assisted trades. Scotia iTRADE reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without notice.

All bonds are subject to risk, including interest rate risk, credit risk and inflation risk. Investors are responsible for their own investment decisions and should carefully evaluate the risks associated with fixed income investments prior to investing.

$1 per $1,000 Face Value ($24.99 minimum, $250 maximum). Pricing applies to secondary market trades conducted online through Scotia iTRADE only. Minimum commission of $24.99 applies to each trade. Add $65.00 for telephone representative – assisted trades. Foreign exchange fees will be applied to trades involving securities that are denominated in a currency other than the currency of the account in which the trade is placed. Please see Section 1.7 (“Currency Conversion”) in Scotia iTRADE Relationship Disclosure Document and Terms and Conditions.

Conditions apply. Offer valid for new Scotia iTRADE® accounts, excluding Cash Optimizer Investment accounts, opened by new Scotia iTRADE clients who do not already have an existing account with Scotia iTRADE. If you open one or more NEW Scotia iTRADE account(s) (each, a "New Account") and fund the New Account(s) within 60 days of opening the New Account(s) with at least CAD $1,000 in cash or in Net Equity (cheque deposit, electronic funds transfer or transfer of assets) ("Minimum Amount"), from an account that is not held at Scotia iTRADE, (1) the commissions associated with the first 10 online commissionable trades of Equities, Options and ETFs placed within 365 days of the date when you funded your New Account(s) with the Minimum Amount will be credited back to the corresponding New Account within 30 days of each order fill, to a maximum amount of $9.99 per trade in the currency of the account (maximum total commission rebate of $99.90), (2) the amount of the transfer-in fee charged by another Canadian broker will be credited to your New Account (up to $150 per client) subject to Scotia iTRADE's receipt of the documentation evidencing such transfer-in fee. Scotia iTRADE reserves the right to charge you all or part of the commissions associated with the first 10 online trades completed within 365 days of funding your New Account(s) (when such commissions were previously credited back to your New Account(s)) if the conditions of the offer are not complied with. Scotia iTRADE reserves the right to modify and/or cancel this offer at any time without notice in its sole discretion. Clients must enter the promotional code SRPE15 (English) or SRPF15 (French) when submitting the New Account application to qualify. To qualify for this offer, you must satisfy Scotia iTRADE's Canadian residency requirements, have a valid Social Insurance Number, be eligible to open a Scotia iTRADE account, maintain all of your accounts at Scotia iTRADE in good standing, not be in a disallowed debit position and not have any outstanding margin calls due. This offer has no cash redemption value. This offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other promotional offer (excluding Refer-a-Friend). Limited to one offer per client. In case of joint account only one account holder will be entitled to receive free trades.

If you ("Referring Friend") choose to refer our services to your friends (each, a "Referred Friend"), we will indicate in our communication to your Referred Friend that we are contacting the Referred Friend as a result of your referral and that you will be eligible to (i) receive a referral fee of $50 or $100 (depending on the amount funded in the Referred Friend(s)' account(s)) from Scotia iTRADE, credited to your Scotia iTRADE brokerage account or mailed as a cheque to you as described below or (ii) have the commissions associated with your first 10 or 50 trades (depending on the amount funded in the Referred Friend(s)' account(s)) placed within 60 days of the first business day of the calendar month after the account of the Referred Friend is activated and funded with at least $10,000 in net equity), waived by Scotia iTRADE to a maximum of $9.99 per trade in the currency of the account (maximum total amount of waived commissions from this offer is $499.50, maximum number of free trades during any 60-day period is 250 trades) in the event that your eligible and qualifying friend whom you have referred, who does not already have a Scotia iTRADE account and did not have a Scotia iTRADE account in the previous 6 months, chooses to open his/her new Scotia iTRADE account(s) (other than Cash Optimizer Account)2016within 180-days of the receipt of the referral, funds the account(s) with at least $10,000 in net equity (transfer of assets must come from outside of Scotia iTRADE) within 60 days of opening such account(s) and maintains a minimum balance of $10,000 in net equity in the account(s) for 60 days after funding the account(s). See complete Terms and Conditions.