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Watch some of our former co-op students explain what it is they like about being part of a global community of Scotiabankers

Picture of Allison

Meet Allison 2:07 min

Allison, an MBA student from Wilfrid Laurier University, enjoyed the chance to get creative in her role as a Communications Co-ordinator. See how she applied her passion and education to challenge Scotiabankers to be more committed to Corporate Social Responsibility


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Picture of Francis

Meet Francis 2:14 min

Francis, an Actuarial Science student from University of Waterloo, found meaningful real-world work as a Business Analyst during his work term here. Find out how he also experienced a culture that was a good balance between work and play


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Picture of Erin and Ivan

Meet Erin and Ivan 2:07 min

Erin (a Dalhousie U Commerce student) and Ivan (a Brock U Sports Management student) experienced the different aspects of planning sponsored cultural and sporting events. Hear them share their rewarding work experience within a large organization


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Picture of Rui

Meet Rui 1:56 min

Rui, a Management and Information Technology student from University of Toronto, found meaningful work as a Quality Assurance tester during his work term here. See how he experienced on-the job training, a respectful work environment and opportunities to interact with other co-op students


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Picture of John

Meet John 1:55 min

As a Collateral Officer, John’s placement offered practical applications to the theory that he learned as an accounting of finance major at University of Waterloo. See how responsibility made the difference for John in this work term at Scotiabank


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Watch some of our employees in Retail Banking and Contact Centres explain what it is they like about being part of a Global Community of Scotiabankers

Picture of Samy

Meet Samy 2:05 min

By starting out in a Scotiabank Branch, Samy found an opportunity to really lend a hand. Find out how he helped his clients achieve their financial goals


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Picture of Henri

Meet Henri 2:02 min

As a Senior Financial Advisor, Henri is in charge of about 550 to 600 clients.
See how he makes a difference in all of their lives


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