Our Company


executive management team

Scotiabank is dedicated to building a leadership team that understands the evolving needs of our customers and mirrors the diversity of our employees and our international footprint.

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canadian banking

Canadian Banking provides a full suite of financial advice and banking solutions, supported by an excellent customer experience, to personal and business customers across Canada. Scotiabank also provides an alternative self-directed banking solution through ING DIRECT.

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international banking

International Banking encompasses retail and commercial banking operations in 43 of the more than 55 countries outside Canada in which Scotiabank operates – an international presence unmatched by other Canadian banks.

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global banking and markets

Global Banking & Markets (GBM) is the wholesale banking and capital markets arm of the Bank. It offers a wide variety of products to corporate, government and institutional investor clients. GBM is a full-service lender and investment dealer in Canada and Mexico and offers a wide range of products in the U.S., Central and South America, and in select markets in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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corporate functions

To support our business lines, we have several corporate functions. These groups are essential to meet our customer needs.

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