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Blog from Jeff Marshall, Head of the Digital Factory

Jeff Marshall, Head - Digital Factory

Welcome to the Digital Factory!

Thanks for stopping by. I’d invite you to pull up a chair - but the space we’re moving in to isn’t quite ready yet. The soon-to-be-home of the Digital Factory on 333 King East in Toronto will house our teams focused on designing and delivering digital solutions for Scotiabank’s 23 million customers. We invite you to join us on the journey as we bring the Digital Factory to life.

Last October, Scotiabank announced the creation of the Digital Factory - connected but separate from the broader Bank, it’s an organization where bright minds work together to reinvent the way we interact with our customers, and in turn, the way our customers bank with us.

We’re changing the way we operate, and here’s why:

We understand that as our customers’ expectations change, so must their banking experience. Everything we do in the Digital Factory has a customer impact. Our customers are at the forefront of what we’re thinking about, what we’re designing, what we’re building and what we’re improving. Our teams start with customer feedback to reimagine products with a customer-centered lens.

We know we need the right talent to do so, and here’s how we’re getting it done:

The culture of the Factory is deeply rooted in agile thinking. Simply put, there’s a strong emphasis on people and fostering meaningful interactions. We are open to change, poised to pivot on new ideas to create a community of innovation -- one that takes risks, celebrates successes, and learns from each other. It’s an environment where our teams can be flexible, adventurous, empowered and challenged to deliver the products they would want to use themselves. We focus on the people, not the process and this balanced, co-creative approach makes coming to work rewarding, and most of all, fun.

We’re aligning with the right partners to make it all happen.

Part of changing the way we bank with our customers means we need to make new relationships and establish key partnerships along the way, and we’re taking that seriously. We recently announced a partnership with Ivey Business School at Western University to generate thought leadership and develop future talent in the digital space. We’ve also partnered with Kabbage to leverage their adjudication model to enable small business customers to access funds in real time. These are just two notable partnerships underway – and we believe that these partnerships will give us the ability to incubate new internal and partner-led ideas, and improve the way we work.

I encourage you to check back in this site for exciting events and news about the Digital Factory – and follow us on Twitter @scotia_df, Instagram @scotia_df to ensure you won’t miss a beat. You’ll see how we’re solving problems and delivering solutions together, and transforming banking for our customers.

Jeff Marshall, Digital Factory Head

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