Be a STEP Ahead with the Scotia Total Equity Plan

Video Transcript


Wondering how to accomplish your goals while keeping up with your financial obligations?

Well here’s an idea!

Get a Scotia Total Equity® Plan and be a STEP ahead in planning your future goals!

Think of your assets. Your home is more than just shelter, it’s an investment. It’s potentially the biggest asset you own and its value keeps climbing.

Paying down your mortgage faster, not only saves you thousands in interest, it builds equity. It’s like moving things from one side of the scale to another. As your home value increases and your mortgage decreases, your equity grows. And as your equity grows, so does your borrowing power!

With STEP, you can unlock the equity you’ve built up - making your home work for you. It’s there when you need it. Even when you’re mortgage free, your STEP is still there, helping you achieve your goals faster no matter what they are: education, renovation, or a vacation home.

All it takes is one application to access all the benefits of STEP today and tomorrow.

Tailor your STEP to your needs, access the credit products that you need, whenever you need them.

STEP lets you mix and match products like: splitting your mortgage into both fixed and variable rates, giving you the best of both worlds. Add lines of credit or credit cards.

You can blend and customize options to suit different and changing needs. We can even show you how to save on refinancing costs! You decide how and when to use your STEP.

Enjoy the convenience and ease of future planning without needing to reapply. You’ve got it all done ahead of time!

Just imagine the peace of mind!

Be a STEP ahead. Contact one of our Scotiabank advisors to see how a STEP can benefit you today!