Save Automatically

Video Transcript

Fifteen hundred dollars! Wouldn’t it be great to save an extra fifteen hundred dollars or more every year without having to change anything you’re already doing? My customers are often a little sceptical at first. Many think it will take a lot of effort to save regularly. But you can.

At Scotiabank we’re not here to lecture you on saving; we’re here to help you do it easily and effortlessly. How? Save automatically by doing the things you’re already doing… in three simple ways. Save every time you pay with your debit card, with the Bank the Rest savings program. Save every time you pay with your credit card with the Scotia Momentum VISA card.

And save with every paycheque by setting up an automatic transfer into your saving or investment account. When you’re ready to let your saving begin, visit your nearest Scotiabank branch and speak to a Scotia advisor.