Investment Banking Program

Right for you if:

  • You want to work on various deals and projects in the oil & gas industry
  • You are looking for a program that will help build your career at Scotiabank

The Associate position provides valuable exposure to upstream oil & gas financial advisory services, including corporate mergers & acquisitions, asset acquisitions & divestitures and debt & equity financings. Our Associates work in small deal teams and are involved in every aspect of each transaction, providing the opportunity to learn from senior investment bankers and seasoned technical industry professionals. In addition, Associates will gain a unique perspective on how combining financial and technical expertise provides clients with superior M&A advice.


  • Executing a range of advisory related tasks including financial analysis, modelling, industry research, due diligence, etc.
  • Effectively communicating and coordinating internally with a multi-disciplinary team (engineering, geology, corporate finance, etc.) as well as externally with representatives of the client and potential buyers / sellers
  • Preparing marketing materials and presentations
  • Building and analyzing advanced financial models including merger models, discounted cash flow (NAV) models and dynamic operating models


  • Strong academic and work background in business, finance, accounting or economics
  • Prefer candidates with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or who have completed an Analyst program at an Investment Bank
  • Clearly defined interest in Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional quantitative skills

How to Apply

Summer internships run from May through August. Please check you school’s Career Centre for our posting.

As an Associate you will:

  • Participate in the Capital Ideas Program, a two week orientation program designed to introduce participants to our culture, people, products, services and to provide comprehensive valuations and financial modelling training
  • Work in small deal teams and be involved in every aspect of each transaction
  • Learn from senior investment bankers and seasoned technical industry professionals
  • Gain a unique perspective on how to combine financial and technical expertise to provide clients with superior M&A advice
Watch the Meet Peter video Meet Peter Huffman
Manager in Corporate Credit – Oil & Gas

Peter joined Scotiabank in June 2009 after completing his MFE at the University of Toronto / Rotman School of Management. His undergraduate degree was in Management Economics in Industry and Finance. Peter completed the GRM Associate Program in February 2011 and is now a Manager in Corporate Credit – Oil & Gas, where he previously spent six months during the rotation program. In his role, Peter adjudicates loans and evaluates the creditworthiness of borrowers in sectors such as Exploration & Production, Pipelines, and Refining.

"The GRM Associate Program provided me with the training and practical experience required to succeed in risk management. After working in several departments with many experienced risk professionals and engaging my executive mentor, I was able to understand my career options and effectively shape my career path."
Watch the Meet Carrie video Meet Carrie Chai
GRM Rotation Program Associate

Carrie Chai joined the GRM Associate Program in January 2011 after completing her MBA at Schulich School of Business. Carrie earned her Master and PhD degrees in Management Science and Engineering in Mainland China, where she was originally from. Carrie's previous work experience includes building and overseeing the China Operations for a US-based multi-national company and Asian market development in Multicultural Banking, Scotiabank. Carrie just started her second rotation in GRM – Model Validation and Approval, the centralized department for the model risk management of the bank, where she assesses and validates the interest rate risk model for the bank's assets and liabilities management. In her first rotation in GRM – Hedge Funds, a specialized department managing the market and credit risk for the bank's hedge fund counterparties, Carrie completed one project in market risk analysis and evaluated the credit worthiness of various HF counterparties.

"The Program provides a great exposure to the management of different types of risk in the current unprecedentedly complex market. The journey to develop the different skill sets, to contribute and make impact in each rotation is challenging, but exciting and rewarding. The training from each professional team you get to work with, the support and advice from your VP mentor and the help from your peer buddy are just unbelievable. The unique culture and amazing people make Scotia the ideal organization to work for."
Watch the Meet Carrie video Meet Felicia Hsu
Market Risk Operations

Felicia Hsu joined the Global Risk Management Associate Program at Scotiabank after the completion of her MBA degree from the Rotman School of Management in 2009. She also holds a Computer Engineering degree from University of Toronto. During her rotations, she had the opportunities to rotate through Market Risk, the Basel Program Office, International Credit, and Corporate Credit. Felicia has now graduated from the program and currently works in Market Risk Operations conducting materiality studies relating to capital models and evaluating Basel and OSFI guidelines.

"The program far exceeded my expectations. I am thankful that senior management spent the time and effort to help foster my development, while fellow co-workers tirelessly worked to show me the ropes. I took advantage of hands-on opportunities: working on live deals, contributed to projects that represented the Bank, and created processes that made the Bank more efficient. I learned how the various pieces of the puzzle fit together and whenever any doubt existed, I knew exactly who to call.

The Capital Ideas Program

The Capital Ideas Program is an in-depth orientation program designed to introduce you to our culture, people, products and services. From day one, you will meet your peers from around the world and expand your global network. You will also get the chance to meet and network with senior leaders. Team projects, individual study and social activities supplement classroom discussions.

At Scotiabank, we strongly believe in giving back to communities in order to create better places to live and work. As such, a unique initiative of this program allows participants to get involved with the community by spending some time volunteering at a local charity. This valuable experience gives participants the opportunity to build relationships with peers and the community.