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A culture of inclusion is the heart of our global community of Scotiabankers

Our culture at Scotiabank

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You’ll be welcomed into a culture that values diversity, inclusion and teamwork. Which means, you’ll feel like you belong here in no time.

You’ll get the information and guidance you need to jump into the conversation and contribute to the success of your team. At Scotiabank, your input is valued, your performance is rewarded and your work makes a difference. It’s a culture that believes in empowerment, accountability and openness and actively invests in the development of employees like you. It’s also a culture that invests in others, actively contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

"The best part of working with Scotiabank is the team energy that every Scotiabanker has. It doesn't matter where you are or if you know anybody before getting there, everyone is always friendly and ready to make you feel welcome. It's so different than many other organizations. So great!" Scotiabanker, 2015

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Scotiabank Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (or ERGs) are groups of Scotiabankers who share a common interest, background or goal. They are the grassroots voice of our people, amplifying our diversity. ERGs provide a way to connect with others, share experiences and discuss issues that are important to you. They’re also an excellent way to network with Scotiabankers who you might not typically meet.

Scotiabank employees have the opportunity to join one of our 10 Employee Resource Groups:

Scotiabank Aboriginal Network

Made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, this group raises awareness and support for Aboriginal culture at Scotiabank. They also provide support for Aboriginal employees and strengthen connections between the Bank, employees and the Aboriginal community.

Scotiabank Caribbean Network
China Banking Forum
Scotiabank Diversability Alliance
Scotiabank Intercultural Alliance
HOLA Scotiabank
Scotiabank Alliance for Mental Health

Promoting mental health as part of the corporate culture is this group’s mission. Members are committed to ending the stigma around mental illness by increasing awareness and understanding about mental health issues.

Scotiabank Pride

Scotiabank Pride is a welcoming group that fosters an inclusive environment where employees, customers and allies of the LGBT+ community feel safe, valued and respected.

Scotiabank South Asian Alliance

This Employee Resource Group is dedicated to supporting the experience of South Asian employees at Scotiabank. Members of this group promote opportunities for networking, professional development and the celebration of a rich cultural heritage.

Scotiabank Women

Scotiabank has many women’s groups that operate globally and focus on gender inclusion. Members are committed to raising awareness of gender issues, creating networking opportunities, offering professional development and promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Scotiabank Young Professionals

The Scotiabank Young Professionals group is meant for anyone new to Scotiabank. It offers a variety of programs that address the needs of young or new professionals including: personal and professional development opportunities, networking events, educational programming and career enhancement assistance.

"Think what we can achieve together"
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