Integrate with Personal Financial Planning

For Business Owners

Since your investment in your business is probably your most significant asset, there are a number of important personal and estate planning issues that should be addressed in conjunction with your professional advisors.

At a Glance

Exploring additional saving solutions will help you find the money you need to reach your retirement goals sooner.

  • Freezing the Value of Your Shares or Estate
    By freezing the value of your business shares/investment, future gains will accrue to heirs and won't be taxed until they sell.
  • Insurance
    Life insurance is a powerful tool to minimize taxes in conjunction with an estate freeze specifically, and for estate planning in general.
  • Retirement Planning
    Given that there is risk associated with all businesses, it is prudent to consider some of the additional retirement savings options available to you.
  • Preserving Your Estate
    As a business owner, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your business assets and preserve the value of your estate.

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