Sample Business Plans

Learning by example

Like planning a trip, planning your business begins with two questions: Where are you now? Where would you like to go? Our three fictional business plans may spur you on your way.

VeterinarianSole Proprietor (113 kb)

Greta Lloyd, D.V.M, The Cat Clinic
Dr. Lloyd recently opened The Cat Clinic in Moncton, New Brunswick, as a veterinary practice offering high-quality conventional and non-traditional veterinary services, with an emphasis on compassion and quality-of-life for pets and their owners.

Greta's business objective is to build a profitable and respected practice, as measured by the business' bottom line and volume of referrals from clients and other veterinarians.

A couple looking at samples.Partnership (103 kb)

Mona and Gavin Laveaux
No Place Like Home
A well-known gift and home accessory shop, No Place Like Home is located in a popular area of downtown Sudbury, Ontario.
Mona and Gavin have owned the business for eight years and are committed to attracting new customers while increasing the loyalty of existing customers, as measured by an annual increase in sales of 10% or more.

ContractorCorporation (117 kb)

Barry Fenton, Owner/Operator
Jason Corliano, Owner/Operator
Upright Construction General Contracting Incorporated

Originally founded as a sole proprietorship in 1989 and incorporated in 2000, Upright Construction primarily handles home renovation projects for customers in and around Port Alberni, British Columbia. In December 2002, Jason Corliano joined Upright Construction as co-owner.

Upright Construction is committed to being honest and upfront with customers, while minimizing the inconvenience that can accompany construction. The business aims for consistently strong financial performance, as measured by growth in referrals and the number of projects completed each year.