Bulk Interac e-Transfer

Right for you if:

  • Your business needs a more convenient payment solution
  • Your business no longer wants to process and mail cheques

Scotiabank and Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation (“Interac”) are offering Bulk Interac e-Transfer* for business. This service allows you to send electronic payments directly to recipients within Canada. After uploading a bulk payment file to the Interac network, the recipient will receive an e-mail notification. Once they answer the Security Question, they will be able to deposit funds directly into their CAD account at any financial institution in Canada.

Watch the 'ScotiaConnect' video Bulk Interac* e-Transfer 1:15 min
We’re the first Canadian bank to provide this service to our business banking customers.Watch video

Bulk Interac e-Transfer improves your day-to-day operations in several ways, including:

  • Less processing time: Greatly reduces payment processing time from weeks to hours.
  • Detailed reporting: To help monitor and track transactions.
  • Reduced costs: No need to issue and track costly cheques.
  • Security: No bank account information is needed. Each payment is password-protected and only the recipient’s email address is required.

It's the easy way to pay.

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