Eduardo Pacheco

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Eduardo Pacheco is the Chief Executive Officer and a director of Mercantil Colpatria S.A., a multi-national financial enterprise, since 1997. He is the Chairman of Banco Colpatria Multibanca Colpatria S.A. and Mineros S.A., and serves on a number of not-for-profit boards, including the Superior Council of Universidad de los Andes where he serves as Chairman. Mr. Pacheco graduated as an Economist from Universidad de los Andes and has a M.B.A. from New York University.

Public Company Directorships:

  • Mineros S.A.

Scotiabank Board Details:

  • Director since September 25, 2015
  • Member of Risk Committee
  • Not independent
Eduardo Pacheco

Key Areas of Experience:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Financial services
  • Governance
  • Risk management