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Man and woman walking outside beside a Scotiabank

Scotiabank believes that every customer has the right to become better off. Attaining this goal requires more than simply the right products and services. It also means removing barriers and increasing access to financial services, and it means providing education, tools and advice to help our customers make knowledgeable, responsible financial decisions. Wherever the Bank operates we strive to be respectful, inclusive and responsive to customers’ needs.

Man and woman walking outside beside a Scotiabank

Customer Focus

One of the Bank’s top priorities is be more customer focused in its decision-making and actions. We strive to give all our customers the best possible service. Customers have an unprecedented number of choices for financial services and Scotiabank must demonstrate at every opportunity that it is attuned to customers’ needs and is passionate about helping them.

Being customer focused
More than 23 million customers around the world

Access to Finance

One aspect of helping people become better off is making sure they are able to access banking services. Scotiabank is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to basic banking, including a basic transactional account, at a minimal cost.

Financial service offerings Microfinance and mobile wallets Aboriginal banking
Access to Microfiniance in 2014 - 6,000 point of sale terminals - 430 brances - 16,800 correspondent tellers

Financial Education

Financial education is about giving people access to education, resources and advice that enable them to make knowledgeable, responsible financial decisions, while instilling the confidence they need to save and invest for a bright future.

Scotiabank products and services help improve financial education in many of the communities we serve around the world. Scotiabankers have embraced the opportunity and use a combination of online tools and resources, in-person seminars and workshops, one-to-one conversations and local partnerships to guide and educate customers (and non-customers) at the level that’s right for them.

Scotiabank’s financial education initiatives