Automatic Withdrawal Plan

An Automatic Withdrawal Plan lets you receive regular payments from your non-registered Scotia Securities Inc. (SSI) Account.

How it works:

  • You determine the amount (subject to the applicable minimum withdrawal amount - see table below) and which ScotiaFund(s) you would like to redeem.
  • You can choose to receive payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • We'll automatically sell the necessary number of units to make payments by cheque or deposit to your bank account.
  • If you sell units within 31 days of buying them, you may have to pay a short-term trading fee.
  • You may realize a capital gain or loss - capital gains are taxable.
  • You can change the funds and the amount or frequency of your payments, or cancel the plan by advising us in writing.
  • SSI can change or cancel the plan, or waive the minimum amounts at any time
The minimum balance needed to start the plan and the minimum for each withdrawal.
Fund Min. Balance to Start the Plan Min. for Each Withdrawal
Scotia T-Bill Fund

Scotia Money Market Fund

Scotia U.S.$ Money Market Fund1
$10,000 $100
Scotia Premium T-Bill Fund $250,000 $500
All Other ScotiaFunds1 $5,000 $50

Convenient ways to invest in ScotiaFunds

Note: If you withdraw more money than your fund units are earning, you'll eventually use up your investment.