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Achieve your financial goals and simplify mutual fund investing.

At the heart of our mutual funds selection and recommendation is thorough quantitative and qualitative research, driven by our disciplined investment philosophy - a core component of our Client Commitment. In addition to analyzing each fund statistically, we also look at its portfolio management process, style and discipline, mandate, and the inherent risks.

Knowledge is Key

At ScotiaMcLeod, we believe that knowledge is key to investing. But this knowledge is most effective when tailored to individual financial goals.

Mutual Fund Research
Underlying ScotiaMcLeod's mutual fund research is an analytical process that combines quantitative and qualitative research:

  • In selecting mutual funds, we believe that we are hiring an investment manager to perform a specific job within a diversified portfolio, over the long term. As a result, our recommendations are based on more than just statistical rankings.
  • Our research seeks to place the fund's historical attributes within the context of the fund's investment objectives and management style as well as the fund manager's investment process and discipline. This process involves numerous meetings with portfolio managers in which we address various issues ranging from buy and sell criteria to risk control.
  • We strive for a complete picture of the fund manager, the strategy, available resources and the risks inherent in the fund. Using all of this information, we narrow down a group of funds within different asset categories, at varying degrees of risk, for inclusion on our Recommended List.
  • The end result of our analytical process is our detailed research. Among the most comprehensive mutual fund research series available today.

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