Scotia Aria® Retirement Program

The only retirement program of its kind in Canada.

Scotia Aria Retirement Program may be right for you if you value:

  • An investment approach that’s tailored to your stage in life.
  • A solution that balances growing your savings and managing risk.
  • A strategy that recognizes planning for retirement doesn’t end when you retire.
  • A partnership that supports you with ongoing advice from a Scotiabank advisor.


  • A low minimum investment of $500 to start your retirement journey.
  • Customized portfolios to build, defend and generate income from your savings.
  • Cash flow options to match your retirement income needs.

Scotia Aria Retirement Program vs. other Portfolio Solutions


Traditional Portfolios

(i.e. Scotia Selected Portfolios)

Scotia Aria Retirement Program

Choice of Asset Allocations for different Risk Tolerances

Broad Investment Diversification

Professional Money Management

Exclusive to Retirement


Tailored approach to Life Stage


Customized Cash Flow Options


Tailored For You by a Scotiabank Advisor

Scotia Aria purpose-built portfolios work together to match your life stage and risk tolerance. A Scotiabank advisor will recommend the right combination of Build, Defend or Pay portfolios for you now and in the future.

Build Portfolios

Focus on a growth strategy for your retirement savings during your working years.

Defend Portfolios

Focus on managing the ups and downs of the market as you approach retirement and while in retirement.

Pay Portfolios

Focus on generating income and modest growth when you are in retirement.

Grow: Scotia Aria Build Portfolios

Aria Build Portfolios are designed to achieve long-term growth through a diversified mix of equity and fixed income strategies that are primarily geared towards capital appreciation.

Conserve: Scotia Aria Defend Portfolios

Aria Defend Portfolios are designed to take a more cautious approach to achieving long-term growth by selectively investing in lower volatility investments and using other defensive strategies.

Spend: Scotia Aria Pay Portfolios

Aria Pay Portfolios are designed to generate income and provide growth potential by seeking out income producing equities and fixed income securities.

Find an Advisor

The partnership you have with your advisor is integral to the Aria experience. Your advisor at Scotiabank will recommend a custom allocation to the Aria Portfolios that is suitable for you based on your stage in life, risk tolerance and income requirements. They will also continue to monitor your progress, stay attuned to your needs and appetite for risk and recommend adjustments to your strategy along the way.

Scotia Aria Portfolios Series T

These options can help convert your savings into spending with monthly payouts from a combination of income sources designed to potentially create more tax-efficient cash flow than traditional income-producing investments.