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Register for any distance in one (or all!) of our six Scotiabank-sponsored running events. During the process of registration, you’ll be given the option to sign up for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge to fundraise for a local community charity. As Scotiabank covers all the fees associated with online fundraising, 100% of the funds you raise will go directly to your chosen charity.

Congratulations on helping surpass $50 million!

In 2016 alone, you and other runners helped raise over $8 million dollars for over 550 charities across Canada. In fact, since the Scotiabank Charity Challenge began in 2003 you’ve helped raise over $50 million - which went directly to charities across Canada to create a stronger future for young people and build vibrant communities.

*Scotiabank pays for online transaction fees when fundraisers use the Frontstream (Artez) fundraising platform.

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