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Each quarterly issue features timely investment articles and insights from the portfolio advisors that manage Scotia INNOVA Portfolios.

Inside this issue:

  • The Great Divide
  • Top Themes for 2015
  • Know Thy Social Network

Monthly Investment Monitor
Monthly highlights of major events which drive financial markets along with perspectives on what they mean and why they matter.

March 2015 issue

Inside this issue:

  • Crude oil reversed January’s losses and along with Canadian and U.S. equities finished the month in the positive
  • Canadian Economy: a mixed bag
  • The More, the Merrier

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Spotlight on Emotional Investing [PDF: 986 KB]
Investment decisions have financial and emotional implications. Key to a sound investment plan is ensuring your financial needs are aligned with your emotional needs. Read about how our natural emotional biases can shape the way we view our finances and interact with our investments, often subconsciously.

Investing Essentials Video Series.

Finding the Right Asset Mix for you: 2:13 min

Like your favourite recipe, finding the right mix of ingredients for your investment portfolio is an essential part of reaching your financial goals. While determining the right mix can be a difficult task to achieve on your own, at Scotiabank, we're here to help.

Talk to a Scotiabank advisor about finding the right mix for your financial goals

Rethinking Risk: 2:05 min

Many of our investment decisions are based on our comfort with taking risks. It’s important to remember that, when it comes to planning for the long term, risk can managed with proper planning and the right balance of investments for each stage of your life.

Talk to a Scotiabank advisor about putting the elements of risk into perspective by developing a plan that’s right for you.

Staying Invested: 2:13 min

Something as simple as staying invested during the ups and downs in the markets can be an important strategy to help you benefit from the best performing days in the markets. This approach provides the potential for better overall portfolio performance over the long term.

Talk to a Scotiabank advisor about building a plan that's right for you.

Weather the unexpected through diversification: 2:08 min

Just like the weather, markets can be unpredictable. By building a diversified portfolio made up of a variety of investment types, you can help smooth your investment returns and benefit from potential gains from investments that are doing well.

Talk to a Scotiabank advisor about building a diversified portfolio.

Brush up on your mutual fund knowledge and learn how mutual funds can help you reach your investment goals.

About Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are investments that pool your money with the money of many other people to purchase a variety of individual securities. Get more details

Asset Classes
Mutual funds may be categorized by the four major asset classes in which they may invest: cash equivalent, income, equity and balanced. Get more details

Scotia Portfolios
Each of the Portfolios invests in a range of mutual funds chosen to provide strategic asset allocation and diversification to match your investment needs. Get more details