American Express®** Travellers Cheques

A safe and easy way to protect your money while you travel

Enjoy convenience & peace of mind


  • May be refunded if lost or stolen*.
  • Protects against identity theft as not tied to bank account information.
  • Avoid fluctuating exchange rates while travelling abroad.

Travellers Cheques are available through our branches in the following currencies:

  • United States Dollar (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Canadian Dollar (CDN)

Refund Services

For lost or stolen Travellers Cheques or Gift Cheques, please call an American Express Travellers Cheque Customer Service Centre. Find a location near you.

How Ordering Works
American Express Travellers Cheques are available at any of our branches across the country.


  • Regular Travellers Cheques:
    1.25% subject to a $3.00 Canadian or $3.00 US minimum for regular US dollar travellers cheques. The commission is waived if you have any of the following Scotiabank services:
    • ScotiaGold Passport®** VISA
    • Scotia Value®** Account
    • Scotia OneTM Service
  • American Express Travellers Cheques for Two:
    1.75% subject to a $3.00 US minimum

Learn more about available currencies and denominations, and order limits and fees.

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