Business Succession Planning

A complete financial strategy for your business and personal situation.

We can help you effect a smooth and successful transition from your business, whether you are transferring ownership within your family or otherwise. Our unique approach to succession planning encompasses your personal and business situation, and is part of a complete financial strategy.

Try our interactive tool, designed to help you consider the key elements of ownership transition to ensure a smooth transition to your next stage of your life. Scotiabank Ownership Transition Tool

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Succession Planning Process

Each of the steps in the process of planning and enacting a successful transition is equally important.

These steps include:

  • Identifying and Reviewing Priorities
  • Identifying a Buyer or Successor
  • Developing a Succession Plan
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Elements of a Succession Plan

An effective succession plan will examine all aspects of your financial situation.

Some of these key aspects include:

  • Distribution of ownership
  • Business Valuation
  • Financing and the Mechanics of Sales
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Support & Resources

There are many sources of advice you can turn to for help in creating and implementing an effective succession plan.

Keys to successful Succession Planning should include:

  • Starting the process early
  • Designating a team of professionals
  • Developing a written plan, including a clear timeline for the process
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