Lucinda Orteza

Making the Right Choice

The desire to offer their daughter the best opportunities in life led Lucinda Orteza and her husband to make the tough, yet necessary decision to leave their home in the Philippines and start over in Canada. So, on a cold November day in 2007, they arrived at the Calgary airport.

What made the transition easier was their participation in the Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) during the final stages of their immigration application. They attended a 2 day orientation workshop while still in the Philippines. With support from
CIIP, Lucinda signed up with a placement agency and her first temporary work
assignment was with Scotiabank, just days after arriving in Canada. This eventually
led to a full-time position with Scotiabank in 2008.

According to Lucinda, her experience working at Scotiabank has been wonderful. She was very impressed with the Scotiabank Applause program, where she received
recognition for her hard work from other Scotiabankers. In fact, she cried when she received her first applause. "What a great way to be recognized and valued as a member of the team" thought Lucinda.

“What a great way to be recognized and valued as a member of the team”

As well, through her manager's coaching and training through an internal online development resource, Lucinda has been able to continue developing her skills, which has made her more marketable and prepared for other opportunities within the Bank.

"I could retire with this company, “remarks Lucinda who has been recognized among Scotiabank’s Best of the Best employees in both 2008 and 2011.

Since coming to Canada, Lucinda's daughter is thriving. A proud parent, Lucinda beams when she speaks of her daughter’s success, noting her daughter’s recent achievement of Student of the Year in her elementary class. “My daughter’s success is the ultimate measure of our family’s success in Canada. We are truly pleased with our decision to make the move to Canada.

Lucinda Orteza

Lucinda Orteza