Scotiabank VISA* Business card

1% cash back
Cash back on all eligible purchases
Available in CDN$ and USD$ programs
Save on purchases with VISA SavingsEdge

Great reasons to get this card for your everyday purchases

  • 1% on all eligible business purchases
  • Simplified Expense Management
  • At a glance reporting 24/7
  • Available in CDN$ and USD$ program

VISA Business Card Program

Cash Back, Control and savings. Now, that's teamwork.

Fees, Rates & Other Information

Annual Fee

Gold card: $105
Silver card: $75

Interest Rates

22.99% on cash advances


Outstanding balance is automatically debited monthly from designated Scotiabank deposit account.

Credit Limit

$5000 to $100,000 unsecured

Your card comes with great business benefits

Take advantage of everything your Scotiabank Visa card for business adds to your business.

Start a cash flow strategy

Make the most of your card. Consolidate all your recurring payments on your card and turn them into cash back rewards!

Gold Card Travel Insurance

Gold for prestige and recognition, with comprehensive travel insurance and international concierge services.

At a Glance Reporting

Secure, paperless and Web-based.

Simplified Expense Management

Reduce, consolidate, and streamline. Order cards online directly to your business, set individual card limits for credit and cash advances to meet your business needs.

Close and open cards online – you don’t have leave your place of business.

Get a supplementary card

Add an additional supplementary cardholder to your Scotiabank Visa Business Account. One account, multiple cards. Added benefits!