Employee Stories

Inspirational experiences

Newcomers from around the world have joined our Scotiabank team. Together, we continue to make Scotiabank a great workplace.

Erick Alfonso Erick Alfonso
Scotiabank advisor, Erick Alfonso welcomes other new Canadians to his branch. Read story
Lorina Serafico Lorina Serafico
Scotiabank's Lorina Serafico gladly shares first-hand advice with newcomers at her branch and around the community. Read story
Heather Soares Heather Soares
Scotiabank's Heather Soares shares crucial financial lessons with her daughters, and with new Canadians who visit her branch. Read story
Avnish Soni Avnish Soni
Scotiabank's Avnish Soni says persistence can help newcomers reach their goals. Read story
Lucinda Orteza Lucinda Orteza
Scotiabank's Lucinda Orteza has been recognized among Scotiabank's Best of the Best employees. Read story