Global Risk Management Associate

Right for you if:

  • You are looking for a one year program with three rotations
  • You are interested in credit, risk policy, & capital markets and regional commercial credit

Scotiabank has a strong, well established centralized risk management culture and its effectiveness is fundamental to Scotiabank’s success. As such, it is one of our key strategic priorities with the primary goal of ensuring that the outcomes of risk-taking activities are predictable and consistent with our strategies and risk appetite, and that there is an appropriate balance between risk and reward.

In order to maximize shareholder returns, GRM balances sound judgement, effective tools, considerable management input & prudent oversight. Our greatest strength is the expertise and commitment of high-performing employees.

Ideal to begin a career, re-enter the workforce or advance to a new level.

The GRM Associate Program is a one-year rotation, with four optional streams: Credit Risk, Retail Credit Risk Analysis, Enterprise and Market Risk, and Quantitative Modelling, based in Toronto and involves three four-month rotations.

Opportunities will be posted at select campus career centres during the months of August and September.

Full Time Associate

As a GRM Associate you will…

  • Learn the design and application of Scotiabank’s risk appetite and risk management framework.
  • Develop your leadership skills and create relationships with people across the departments and geographies.
  • Have hands-on experience and interaction with senior executives through rotations, mentoring, special projects and organized events.
  • Build your own career path tailored to your individual needs; considering your education, experience, and soft skills along with the business requirements and demands within Global Risk Management.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and training, related to your career choice.

Summer Associate

As a GRM Summer Associate you will…

  • Gain a meaningful work experience in risk management which could include credit adjudication, risk modelling, market data research, creating or enhancing risk reports and development knowledge or products and markets associated with risk.
  • Be assigned a supervisor and mentor. The supervisor will provide day-to-day coaching and guidance throughout the placement. The mentor will monitor progress, answer questions regarding career paths and ensure that the Associate obtains maximum benefit from the program.

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I joined the GRM Associate Program in January 2011 after completing my MBA at the Schulich School of Business. Prior to that, I earned my Master and PhD degrees in Management Science and Engineering in Mainland China, where I am originally from. My previous work experience includes building and overseeing the China Operations for a US-based multi-national company and Asian market development in Multicultural Banking, Scotiabank. During my rotations in the GRM Associate Program, I had the opportunity to rotate through Market and Credit Risk for Hedge Funds, Model Validation and Approval, Corporate Credit and Commercial Credit. I completed the GRM Associate Program in October 2012 and am now a Director, Internal Ratings Management, where I develop credit risk rating models for Scotiabank’s non-retail portfolios.

This Program provides great exposure to the management of different types of risk in the current unprecedentedly complex market. The journey to develop the different skills sets, to contribute and make impact in each rotation is challenging, but exciting and rewarding. The training I received from each professional team I got to work with, the support and advice from my mentor and the help from my peer buddy were just unbelievable. The unique culture and amazing people make Scotiabank the ideal organization to work for.
Watch the Meet Carrie video Meet Danish

My relationship with Scotiabank initially began with my acceptance to the bank’s Global Risk Management Summer Associate Program. Following the completion of my MBA, I committed myself to exploring further opportunities within the bank.

The unique opportunity for associates to specialize in market or credit risk was a key factor that influenced my decision to apply to the year-long Global Risk Management Associate Program. I was ultimately offered a position within the Risk Policy and Capital Markets stream of the Program. This Program allowed me to gain a better understanding of the bank with regard to its key risk and business functions. Throughout the course of my rotational program, I gained a deeper appreciation for the relationships and interdependencies that exist between the various risk departments and Scotiabank’s business lines.

My rotations in Enterprise Risk, Corporate Credit, Exposure and Capital Analysis, and Trade Floor Risk Management provided me with invaluable opportunities to develop and demonstrate a variety of quantitative and qualitative skills, which thus enabled me to better understand the role that Global Risk Management plays at Scotiabank. I believe that the projects that I was assigned to throughout the course of my rotational program allowed me to achieve my learning objectives while also allowing me to utilize my existing skill set to contribute to the team activities within the various departments.

The business and product knowledge, as well as the network that I was able to build during the rotations, continue to help me in my current role as Senior Manager, Liquidity Risk Stress Testing. I am grateful for the many avenues of professional development that I was exposed to during the Program. It allowed me to begin my career at Scotiabank in an incredibly positive way.