International Associate Development Program

Right for you if:

  • If you are looking for a two year challenging yet rewarding leadership development program across diverse cultures
  • Hand's on experience through 6-month rotations throughout the bank

The International Associate Development Program is an accelerated and distinctive leadership development program aimed at preparing high potential individuals to take on senior management/leadership positions within Scotiabank’s International Banking division.

The program spans two years and is split into four rotations (six months each), within one of the following four career streams:

  • Retail Banking“Retail Banking has allowed me to gain first-hand experience in understanding our customers’ needs. To be successful in this stream, one needs to be passionate about doing what is best for our internal and external clients as well as being adaptable to the way business is done across the globe.”
    -Vanyely, International Associate
  • Corporate & Commercial Banking “The Corporate and Commercial Banking stream serves a diverse range of clients, from mid-sized businesses to large conglomerates with billions in sales across the globe. Within this stream an Associate could be involved in arranging and underwriting fully integrated financing packages for both local and international clients.”
    -Julio, International Associate
  • Systems, Operations & Shared Services “The Operating Model Design (OMD) team in Shared Services is similar to a consulting group. Our team works on projects that touch all areas of the bank and the main objective is to create efficiencies in processes and create capacity for our employees.”
    -Saman, Senior Manager OMD, International Associate Alumni
  • Finance “Finance forms an integral part of Scotiabank’s International Banking business line. During my rotation with International Banking Finance – Comptrollers, I had the opportunity to work on several key profitability and expense planning initiatives. To be successful in this stream, Associates need to have strong analytical skills and strategic thinking ability, along with excellent communication skills, as one is often needed to liaise with Scotiabank’s international subsidiaries/ affiliates as well as the other functions within the bank.”
    - Iman, International Associate

International Associate Profile

  • MBA preferred, will consider other Masters disciplines;
  • 3 - 5 years of work experience;
  • Strong aspiration to assume leadership roles in Scotiabank’s International Banking;
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and build consensus as well as the ability to effectively communicate, verbally and in writing;
  • Strong relationship management skills; ability to build and maintain strong collaborative client and internal/external partner relationships;
  • Demonstrated flexibility in adapting to constantly changing environments;
  • Possesses excellent self-awareness and seeks opportunities to leverage from feedback;
  • Fluency in Spanish is a requirement;
  • Flexibility to remain in Canada or relocate to another country after completion of program.

How to Apply

Recruitment for this program takes place during the months of August through September of each year for roles that are available in the subsequent year. Please check your school’s Career Center for our job posting.

This program is designed to build your leadership skills and create relationships with people across various departments that support and conduct business on an international scale. Through rotations, special projects and organized events, you will develop the skills and knowledge required to become successful future leaders in Scotiabank’s International Banking division.

As an International Associate you will:

  • Work with the Program Director to build a customized program based on your skills, interests and business needs.
  • Gain hands-on experience in a uniquely tailored program to each individual.
  • Develop a solid understanding of International Banking through exposure to special projects that involve working with many departments locally and in the international markets.
  • Gain an appreciation and understanding of the global nature of our business and client needs by completing a rotation in Latin America, Caribbean or Asia Pacific
  • Receive ongoing feedback, advice and mentorship from the Program Director and your Hosting Manager

Executive Testimonials

In my 3 years within Customer Experience in Retail Banking, we’ve had the good fortune to host 6 Associates. Associates are always highly prized resources as you know that you’re getting a bright, motivated and articulate individual who can make a significant contribution to the team. We always endeavour to give them meaty projects that stretch and develop them and can give a true impression of what it is really like to work in the area. I’ve been lucky enough to tempt some of them back to work full time after their rotations have ended.
- Katherine, Vice President, Customer Experience Design

Having Associates rotate through International Corporate & Commercial Banking (ICCB) is a win, win, win situation. ICCB wins by having access to bright, motivated, and hardworking individuals who bring valuable insight from diverse backgrounds; the Associate wins by gaining hands-on exposure to transactions from across the globe while learning from experienced Corporate and Commercial Bankers; and the Bank wins as we are developing the leaders of tomorrow. Great program!
-Mazie, Vice President, Corporate & Commercial Banking

The Small Business group in International Banking depends heavily on the support it receives from this program. We are always looking for the best and brightest employees and we almost always find them here. Almost 50% of my staff are graduates of the program.
-Kevin, Vice President, Small Business

Deploying highly skilled Associates has been a true win-win situation. The Associate gains practical experience in applying hard-core finance concepts that explain and diagnose business results. The Associates benefit by working on the entire Profit & Loss for a country and relating it to key business drivers, which are important skills that are transferable to other jobs in the Bank. Our team benefits from their fast learning and strong capabilities in providing assistance in financial reporting, forecasting and planning in a very busy environment. I would highly recommend hiring an Associate!
- Dave, Vice President, Finance Comptroller

Vanyely Meet Vanyely

Home Country: Mexico
Languages: English, Spanish
Field of Study: Business
MBA School: Wilfrid Laurier University
Previous Experiences - Field of Study: International Business with a concentration in Marketing & Operations
Career Stream: Retail Banking

I joined Scotiabank’s IADP in 2012 after completing my MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. This leadership program aligns with my career aspirations of working in a cross-cultural, fast-paced organization with a strong presence in the Latin America and Caribbean markets. It provides the unique opportunity to succinctly learn about International Banking in a tailored way by choosing the areas that interest me the most. This flexibility combined with challenging projects has prepared me for a successful career at Scotiabank. Lastly, working abroad has proven to be one of my most enriching work experiences.
Saman Meet Saman

Home Country: Pakistan
Languages: English, Urdu, Spanish (Beginner)
Field of Study: Strategic Management and Financial Services
MBA School: Schulich School of Business
Previous Experiences - Field of Study: Consulting, Marketing, Sales, Management
Career Stream: Operations and Shared Services

I was attracted to the IADP program because this is the only rotational program that allowed me to focus solely on international operations. Since my father worked for the United Nations, I have travelled to over twenty countries and have a passion for meeting and working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I am able to live out this passion every day by working in Scotiabank’s International Banking division.

The IADP program is a great avenue that will allow you to quickly learn about the banking world, get noticed by senior executives in the bank and ensure that you have a strong network that will stay with you as you progress through the bank. This program provides you with a tremendous opportunity to launch a career in international banking.
julio Meet Julio

Home Country: Mexico
Languages: Spanish, English
Field of Study: Engineering, International Business
MBA School: Schulich School of Business
Previous Experiences - Field of Study: Operations, Finance
Career Stream: Corporate Banking

Scotiabank is a leader in the Canadian financial industry, and by its international presence it provides excellent opportunities to learn about different markets and industries. The bank is renowned for its human capital diversity, employee-developing programs, and as one of the top places to work in Canada. I had a special interest in Latin American markets and wanted to develop my career in a company with presence in the region.

The IADP is an excellent opportunity to gain a broad perspective of the bank’s culture and environment. The program allowed me the to made career change and develop my profession in the financial industry. Scotiabank’s presence in Latin America and Asia also demonstrates its interest in emerging markets and the growth opportunities for both the bank and the local communities.
Iman Meet Iman

Home Country: India
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi, Spanish (Beginners)
Field of Study: Business, Statistics
MBA School: Queen’s School of Business
Previous Experiences - Field of Study: General Management, Finance and Strategy, Statistics
Career Stream: Corporate Banking (1 rotation in Finance-Comptrollers)

The program helped me build on my prior experience in retail banking and gain a holistic understanding of the other areas of the bank. I was able to customize my rotations based on my learning needs. Within a span of a year I got the opportunity to work with senior executives and subject matter experts from across the bank. This program provides an ideal platform to explore different career possibilities within International Banking at Scotiabank.