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Control how and when your payments are made - improve the efficiency of payables while accelerating receivables.

  • Full suite of innovative products and services
  • Maximize your cash resources
Comprehensive Payables

A single payables service for all of your trade payments and disbursement needs

Reduce costs and simplify your payment disbursements with this powerful and cost effective service:

  • Cheque Outsourcing: Eliminate cheque issuing charges and reduce handling and storage costs
  • Remittance Advices: e-mail or fax a formatted report outlining the invoices paid with your payment
  • Include your company logo on printed cheques or e-mailed/faxed remittance advices
  • Maximize trade discounts and avoid late payment charges
  • Minimize administrative overhead
  • Decide how and when to pay your suppliers
  • Control access to payment processing and authorization with user-defined ID's and passwords
Direct Deposit

Streamline and simplify the initiation of collections and disbursements within Canada and the US

Reduce the time and expense of manual payments and improve your cash controls with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Automatic Clearing House (ACH):

  • Improve your cash position – hold on to your working capital longer
  • Reduce administrative expenses – eliminate cheque preparation, storage, handling and reconciliation costs; reduce transaction costs and bank service charges
  • Improve business relations by making payments in a timely manner – future date payments up to 60 calendar days in advance
  • Increase convenience – direct deposit as specified to employee, supplier and shareholder accounts
  • Reconcile and track returned EFT transactions

Take Advantage of ScotiaConnect®

Government Tax Payments

Pay and file your Federal and Provincial business taxes online and on-time - at your convenience with our 24/7 service

Our Government tax payment service enables you to:

  • Pay your taxes online
  • Time your payments to the due date, for accurate cash flow forecasting
  • Receive refunds up to a week faster, plus have funds deposited directly into your Scotiabank account
  • Future date your payments up to one year in advance
  • Reduce time and paperwork by filing and paying electronically
  • Use multiple accounts

File online with ScotiaConnect®

Government Tax Payments Promotion - Enrol and make your government tax payments for free. Learn More.

Online Payment Control

Ideal for complex organizations with multiple business units that require centralized control, initiate high volumes of multiple transaction types and require a single, convenient location for access and approvals

Streamline your collections processing and the disbursement of recurring payments using our Online Payment Control service:

  • Accommodates different organizational approval structures through a flexible endorsement system
  • Manages payments from multiple business units through a single application
  • Uses online reporting for easy review and approval of transactions prior to submission
  • Assign access to user groups, similar to the entitlement structures used by other ScotiaConnect® services

Not a ScotiaConnect® customer? Find out if it's right for your business.

Integrated Payments

Full operating control with an integrated view of multiple payment types – on a single platform

Types of integrated payments:

  • Electronic Funds Transfers Origination (EFT)
  • International ACH Transactions Origination (IAT)
  • PLEASE NOTE: This service is not available for Small Business Customers
  • Wire Payments
  • Electronic Data Interchange Origination (EDI)
  • Remittance Advices (RA) (where applicable)

When creating and transmitting payments through ScotiaConnect®:

  • Conduct one time and/or batch payments across multiple payment types
  • Control payments from multiple business units through a single application
  • Online master list of payment recipients eliminates the need for securely storing this information on other systems
  • Remittance advices are transmitted at the same time as the payment
  • Full details of payments available in the Account Reporting section

When transmitting payments to Scotiabank:

  • Transmit different payment types in one single file
  • Faster onboarding times for standard file formats
  • Choose between a separate communications software (ScotiaConnect® File Delivery) at no additional charge, or use an advanced communication protocol to deliver files
  • Payments created on your system and transmitted to Scotiabank can be stored on ScotiaConnect for additional control (additional fees may apply)

File & transmit payments with ScotiaConnect®

Wire Payments

Initiate payments from your PC to anywhere in the world using ScotiaConnect®. Your payments will be executed accurately and securely

Sending timely and secure wire payments has never been easier:

  • Make payments in Canadian and foreign currencies from your Scotiabank accounts Receive real-time confirmation for each payment transmitted
  • Protect payment information with full end-to-end authentication