Climate Change

Action and Responsibility

There are many ways in which climate change impacts the financial sector. Throughout this site, you can learn more about what the Bank does in these areas.

    • Employees and Internal Operations: Scotiabank has a large global employee and branch network and, as a result, can make a positive impact on reducing GHG emissions by promoting energy efficiency throughout its operations, such as encouraging reduced energy consumption at work.

    • Suppliers: Whenever possible, Scotiabank selects products for its operations that have lower carbon footprints; for example, choosing energy-efficient photocopiers.

    • Customers: The Bank assesses material climate change risk in the organizations to which it lends. Scotiabank supports companies that have a positive impact on the environment; for example, lending to the renewable energy sector.

    • Communities: There is continued learning from various climate change experts in NGO (non-governmental organizations) and academic communities. Scotiabank supports charities and think tanks dedicated to climate change.