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Scotiabank relies on the talents, ideas, diversity and commitment of thousands of employees around the world to deliver outstanding service to our customers and achieve our corporate goals. The Bank strives to build strong relationships with its employees by providing them with enriched work experiences in an environment where they are respected, engaged and rewarded for their contributions. These efforts have earned the Bank accolades as a great place to work and enhanced its ability to attract and retain the right people.

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Diversity and inclusion at Scotiabank
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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is all about the day-to-day interactions that employees have with their managers, co-workers, customers and work environment. The Bank’s focus on the employee experience has helped drive high engagement scores in our annual employee survey, ViewPoint.

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85% Employee Engagement

Career Development

The size and scope of Scotiabank means that employees might have completely different career experiences, all while working for the same organization. Development opportunities are available at every phase and level. The Bank encourages a blended approach to development that includes on-the-job experiences, peer and manager feedback, knowledge development and education.

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85% Employee Engagement