Getting the Most from your Homebuying Team

Borrowing Basics

For most of us, a home or condo will be the most significant asset we purchase. It makes sense, then, to employ the services of top-notch professionals when you set out to buy a home. For example, most of us will need a mortgage, so a lender — typically a financial institution — will be an important member of your team.

Referrals from friends, family, or other housing professionals are always a good place to start. To find out who to assemble for your team, and the role they will play, click through the links below:

Real Estate Agents

The job of the real estate agent is to help you find the home you want, with as little fuss as possible.

Mortgage Lenders

The decision to take on a mortgage with a particular institution involves many factors.....


The work of the lawyer usually begins when you submit your offer to purchase.

Home Inspectors

A professional home inspector is a valuable addition to your team.

Insurance Brokers

You'll want to protect your home and its contents, so you'll need property insurance when you purchase.