Choosing Your Home-buying Team

Choosing Your Home-buying Team

When you decide to buy a home, it’s typical to first think of a real estate agent and mortgage provider. These two professionals play important roles, however, there are several other key individuals who are also part of this important process.

Mortgage Providers

When deciding to take a mortgage with a particular institution, you will want to consider many factors such as affordability, types of mortgage, flexibility and incentives.

Real Estate Agents

Make sure you discuss with the agent exactly what you’re looking for and what you are willing to pay, or better yet, what mortgage amount has been pre-approved.


The work of the real estate lawyer usually begins after an offer to purchase has been accepted and your offer has become “firm” (all conditions removed).

Home Inspectors

A professional home inspector will examine your home or condo for defects, assess its structure, plumbing, roof and so on to identify any areas that need repair. They may provide estimates of the costs to fix any problems.

Insurance Brokers

Finally, remember to address your protection needs for your new home and contents.