Canada Disability Savings Bond

What You Need

In order to be eligible to receive the CDSB the following conditions must be met:

  • The account holder must:
    • Have an RDSP
    • Have filed a tax return if the beneficiary is 18 years of age or older
    • Be eligible to receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit if beneficiary is under 18.
    • Complete a Bond application and provide a signed copy to the Issuer
  • The beneficiary must:
    • Be a resident of Canada
    • Be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
    • Must not have more than $200,000 contributed to the plan
    • Be under age 49 at the end of the preceding year the contribution was made

CDSB Amounts

The amount of the CDSB is based upon the family net income as follows: (2015 figures reported below):

If the beneficiary's family net income is less than or equal to $26,021, then the beneficiary may receive $1,000 in Bond for that particular year.

If the person in respect of whom a special allowance is payable under the Children's Special Allowances Act for at least one month in that year, then they may receive $1,000.


If the beneficiary's family net income is greater than $26,021, but less than $44,701, then the beneficiary will receive a portion of the $1,000 based upon the following formula:

$1,000 - [$1,000 x (A-B) / (C-B)] where:
A= Family Income
B= $26,021
C= $44,701

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