Interview Tips

Prepare for an Interview

It is our objective to provide a good candidate experience based on our Equity Principles.

If your profile matches the job requirements, a member of our HR team will contact you for a phone interview. During this interview you will have the chance to understand more about the role and its related responsibilities as well as the next steps of the process.


What you can do to increase your possibility of success

  • Prepare to answer basic questions about yourself and your interest for the position
  • Prepare for an interview in a second language. If you applied as a bilingual candidate (French, Mandarin, Cantonese or Spanish, part of your phone screen may be done in the second language)
  • Find an adequate place to talk where you will not be interrupted by noise or other people. If you are using a cell phone, ensure you have good reception and your battery is fully charged
  • Ask the recruiter how you can better prepare for next steps

A recruiter or hiring manager will contact you directly to schedule one or several interviews with our recruiters and/or hiring managers. Some positions might require you to take part of a second interview, typically in the form of a panel interview.


What you can do to increase your possibility of success

  • Prepare for the interview by reading in detail the job description
  • Prepare to share past experiences with the interviewer by describing specific situations where you applied specific skills related to the job. Follow these steps to guide your answers:
    a) Briefly describe the situation
    b) Summarize the actions you took or decisions made
    c) State the outcome
  • Prepare questions that will allow you to better understand the job and the culture
  • Leave a lasting impression: keep your principles of good etiquette during the overall process
  • Identify three persons who could attest to your work performance and employment history. When considering your reference choices, please select individuals who have been your direct supervisors. Also, it would be helpful for you to obtain your student number from any academic institutions or schools that you have attended