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Please note that we have added forms with a version date of February 2006, or later, which are now located on a separate web page for each province/territory. Note, however, that the Mortgage Form No. and Prepayment Schedule Form No., with the version date noted in brackets, indicated on the Requisition to Solicitor/Notary for Mortgage/Hypothecary Loan is required to be used. All forms on this site have a unique form number followed by a hyphen with a version date.

Please note: for certain mortgages, we have made some changes to our documentation, funding and reporting processes and requirements. Please refer to the Requisition to Solicitor/Notary for Mortgage/Hypothecary Loan for specific instructions that apply to the mortgage transaction.

This page contains links to all the documents required by Solicitors and Notaries to complete a residential mortgage transaction in Canada. The Requisition faxed to you identifies the form and version number for all of the documents you require. French forms are available at

Attention Equivalent Interest Rates for Variable Rate Mortgages (

Download our table (PDF) which sets out the equivalent interest rates for your variable interest rate where interest is calculated monthly, not in advance—as if it were calculated semi-annually, not in advance.

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