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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Get foreign currency exchange quotes, execute trades and browse transaction history with ScotiaFX. View our Foreign Currency Exchange Rates.

Foreign currency products

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Tips for travelers

Before you leave

Exchange money before you leave to get a better exchange rate at home. Bring at least two ways to pay, like cash and travelers cheques, which we offer in-branch in variety of denominations.

Practical travel tips

Set up a travel notification so you can use your credit card while you're away. Consider getting a U.S. Dollar Account, Euro Savings Account, U.S. Dollar Visa or load funds on to a Prepaid Visa card and use it wherever VISA is accepted. Get up to one million dollars in emergency medical coverage apply easily in a few minutes.

On your trip & after

Save on fees when you get cash at any bank machine that's part of the Global ATM Alliance. Make sure you use your foreign coins while you're travelling, you can't exchange them in Canada. And when you return, it's a great idea to review your bank/credit card statements to make sure your charges are accurate.

Sending money from here to there

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union allows you to send money to friends and family all over the world. They'll use your tracking number to pick up funds at any Western Union.

Business currency needs

Commercial and Small Business Customers

Get live foreign exchange quotes, execute trades, and browse transaction history with Scotia FX.

Traveling on business?

Whatever your needs, Scotiabank has a credit card to suit your lifestyle. Whether it's travel, cash back, merchandise, entertainment rewards, a low interest rate or no annual fees - we have the credit card for you.
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Extend your business trip?

Top up your travel insurance so you and your business are protected the whole time you're away.

Currencies & Denominations

Get a better rate, drop by your local Scotiabank branch to get the currency you need before you travel.


Cash vs. non-cash

Cash is tangible money, like bills or banknotes. Non-cash refers to electronic funds, like wire payments or bank drafts. Because it costs more to acquire and handle the cash, the exchange rates for cash are a little higher than non-cash.

Currency rate fluctuation

Rates change through the day and the change may not be represented on our site in real time.

The foreign exchange rates are based on a number of factors, including whether it's cash/non-cash transaction, how much money you're exchanging and market conditions.

Bank of Canada's rate

All Bank of Canada exchange rates are indicative rates only, derived from averages of transaction prices and price quotes from financial institutions. So they don't necessarily reflect the rates of actual market transactions. As such, they are intended to be broadly indicative of market prices at the time of publication but do not necessarily reflect the rates at which actual market transactions have been or could be conducted.

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