Canada Small Business Financing Act Loan Program1 :

Right for you if:

  • You are an existing Small Business or a start-up
  • Your gross or projected annual revenue is $10 million or less
  • Your business is located in Canada
  • You are not in the farming business
  • Your business is not a NFP not for profit, a charitable or a religious organization


  • Loans are guaranteed by the Government of Canada

  • Eligible Purchases:
  • Purchase of leasehold improvements, equipment (including vehicles for business purposes) and real property (including real property improvements) are eligible for financing under the program

  • How much Financing is Available?
  • Up to 90% of eligible purchases which are subject to the following program maximums:

    • Up to $350,000 for leasehold improvements and or equipment financing
    • Up to $1,000,000 for real property purchase or improvements
  • Loan Amortization:
    • 10 years for leaseholds & equipment loans
    • 20 years for real property loans
  • Interest Rate:
    • Variable rate: Scotiabank Prime rate + 3%
    • Fixed rate: Residential Mortgage Rate + 3%
  • Fees:
  • A loan registration fee equivalent to 2% of the loan amount is payable to the Government of Canada and is payable at the time of the loan advance. This fee may be financed subject to program loan maximums.

  • Optional loan insurance

  • Important Points to Note:
    1. The program does not allow financing for items such as: Inventory, Working capital, Goodwill, Franchise fees, Research & development.
    2. Any expenses incurred in purchasing otherwise eligible assets 180 days prior to the loan approval date are ineligible for financing
    3. At least 50% of the real property purchased under the program must be used for business purposes

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