Reward yourself more often with a SCENE®* student bundle

Get $130 in movies, meals and more with a SCENE bundle of SCENE Debit card, SCENE Visa card and a High Interest Savings Account
  • SCENE®* Debit Card

    Scotiabank SCENE debit Scotiacard a red plus sign
  • SCENE®* VISA* Card

    Scotiabank SCENE VISA card a red plus sign
  • High Interest
    Savings Account

    A pink piggybank a red equals sign

Get up to $130 towards movies, meals and more.

The Scotiabank SCENE student bundle - there’s no faster way to earn SCENE points! Get the SCENE student bundle and get up to 13,000 SCENE points. That’s enough for 13 FREE movies or $130 off at participating restaurants1.

A SCENE Bundle consists of:

PLUS, continue earning SCENE points on every purchases with the SCENE®* Debit Card and SCENE®* Visa* Card.

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