Remote Deposit Service

Right for you if:

  • Your business processes a lot of cheques
  • You want the convenience of depositing cheques from your office

Remote Deposit is a convenient way to electronically deposit cheques, 24/7, from your place of business, anywhere in Canada or the U.S. using ScotiaConnect® Digital Banking service and a certified scanner. Your cheque deposit history is retained online for 180 days and you have access to detailed deposit reporting for recordkeeping purposes. You can deposit multiple CAD or USD cheques into your Canadian-domiciled business accounts and the system automatically detects potential duplicate deposits, thereby reducing your risk of fraud.

Watch the Remote Deposit Video Remote Deposit 1:37 min
Simplify your banking with Remote DepositWatch video

Remote Deposit simplifies your banking in several ways, including:

  • Convenience – Make deposits from your office at any time as soon as cheques are received
  • Reduced Costs – Save on courier costs and trips to the bank

To use Remote Deposit service, you must have ScotiaConnect(R) and a certified cheque scanner. A certified cheque scanner, which scans images magnetically, can be purchased from our preferred scanner vendor at

If you purchase your scanner through another vendor or you already own a scanner, please contact your Scotiabank Representative for a complete list of certified scanners to ensure software compatibility.

You can download your scanner drivers here.

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