We are a global energy force.

With a diversified, full-service energy platform, Scotiabank delivers the insight, the experience, and the passion you demand to drive your business forward.

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The sheer breadth of services we offer starts here:

  • Advisory services
  • Financing
  • Research
  • Risk management
  • Sales and trading
  • Transaction banking

But what we truly provide goes beyond what can be placed in a list. We offer unique investment ideas, passion, global reach, and over 185 years in the energy sector.

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David Potter
Managing Director and Head, Global Investment Banking - Energy

Douglas Reynolds
Head, Global Investment Banking - Energy

Jeff Cebryk
Managing Director and Industry Head, Corporate Banking - Oil, Gas & Pipelines Canada

Stuart Lochray
Managing Director and Co-Head, Corporate Banking U.S.

Rick Moore
Managing Director, Global Investment Banking - Energy U.S.