Use your credit card while you're away

Travel notifications

Use your credit card while you're away

Travel notifications

Use your card anywhere

  • Avoid disruptions
  • Protect your account
  • Simple to setup

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Q.What's a travel notification?

A travel notification helps ensure that you can use your credit card when you're out of the country. Just let us know where you're going and when. We'll help to ensure that your Scotiabank credit cards are available for you to use when you're away.

Q.What if I don't set up a notification?

If you try to use your credit card while you're travelling, your card could be denied. So it's a smart idea to setup a travel notification before you leave. Plus it's also:


  • Set up to 3 notifications at once
  • Only takes a moment to arrange
  • Set a notification easily online or with mobile banking


  • Notifications are free


  • Helps to protect against unauthorized changes
  • Use your card confidently when you're travelling

Show me how:

Want to see how to setup travel notifications online or with your mobile device?

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