Gear up for
back to school

Get back to routine
with these A+ tips.

Easy time saving tips for
your back-to-school schedule:

Recurring Payments

Between registering for after-school activities, helping with homework and making dinner, the back-to-school season is a busy time. Make it easier with recurring payments. You decide what day your bill gets paid and the amount. Then you can pay credit cards, utilities, cell phone bills and more automatically with funds from your bank account.

Control your payments

Mobile Deposit

Want to deposit a cheque but there's no time to hit the ATM? Skip the trip with mobile deposits. Just use your smartphone or iPad to take a picture of your cheque and deposit it into your chequing or savings account. It's easy, convenient and you can do it whenever you want - on your lunch, during a break or after putting the kids to bed.

Deposit your cheque

Scotia InfoAlerts

Buying new clothes, picking up school supplies, paying for piano lessons – it's hard to keep track of money flowing in and out of your account. Scotia InfoAlerts makes it easy. You can get a notification when a cheque has been cashed, when you get paid, when you're close to your credit limit and more.

Stay on top of your money

man in car getting alerts on mobile phone