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Set up Scotia InfoAlerts

  1. 1. Login to Scotia OnLine.

  2. 2. Locate the «Manage my Accounts» section on the right hand side of your screen and click on «Scotia InfoAlerts».

  3. 3. Click «Turn on Individual Alerts».

  4. 4. Choose which alerts you want.

    1. a) You will be presented with a snapshot of all accounts with the InfoAlerts option. You can choose to turn on InfoAlerts for all your accounts at once or select them individually.

    2. b) To turn on InfoAlerts for all your accounts click «Add All Scotia InfoAlerts»

  5. 5. To turn on Individual InfoAlerts click «Choose Your Own Alerts».

    Simply click on or off to turn on InfoAlerts for the accounts you wish to monitor.'

  6. 6. Choose alert frequency

    1. a) Enter the frequency and time of day.

    2. b) Choose if you would like to receive your alerts by sms and/or email.

    3. c) Select the account(s) you would like to receive alerts for.

    4. d) Click «Apply».

  7. 7. Click «Continue» at the bottom of the page.

  8. 8. If you selected to receive mobile InfoAlerts, you will be prompted to complete the «Mobile Alert Profile form».

  9. 9. Select «Preferences».

    1. a) Select your language preference.

    2. b) Review the terms and conditions.

    3. c) Click «Confirm».

Easily reset your password

If you signed up at a branch and forgot your password you can reset it when logging on to Scotia OnLine.

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