How to create an access code

Set up an access code

Your Access Code is a unique 5-8 digit number that is different than your sign-on password. You'll be prompted to enter your Access Code when performing certain functions like: changing your address online, adding a bill payee, or when making special transfers and payments from your accounts.

  1. 1. Login to Scotia OnLine.

  2. 2. Select «Manage My accounts» in the top menu.

  3. 3. Select «Security and Passwords».

  4. 4. Select «Create/Reset Access Code».

  5. 5. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your Access Code. Then select «Confirm».

    Keep a record of your access code in a safe place.

Easily reset your password

If you signed up at a branch and forgot your password you can reset it when logging on to Scotia OnLine.

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Set up an access code on Scotia OnLine

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