Get your balance on the go

Quick Balance

Get your balance on the go

Quick Balance

Shopping? See
your balance with
a single tap

  • Real-time balance
  • Easy set up
  • Instant info

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Q.What's Quick Balance?

It's the fastest and easiest way to see your balance on the go. No need to login to your bank account. Just tap your smartphone or smart watch – and see your balance.

Q.Why should I use it?

Avoid surprises

  • Know exactly how much you can spend no matter where you are
  • Real-time balance means you're always up to date

Set up is simple

  • Takes about two minutes to set up
  • Use Quick Balance for the accounts you want

See your balance in a flash

  • Just tap once to see your balance
  • No need to enter your account number or password

Show me how:

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