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My Mobile Wallet

Great way to pay

My Mobile Wallet

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Q.What's My Mobile Wallet?

It’s a digital wallet in your smartphone that allows you to easily pay for everyday purchases. Just add your Scotiabank credit or debit card information onto your smartphone. Then when you're at the checkout, wave your smartphone over the point-of-sale terminal and your purchase is charged to your credit, debit, or Prepaid Visa card. No need for a plastic card, PIN or signature.

Q.Can I still use my regular credit or debit card?

Absolutely. My Mobile Wallet is a convenient and cool alternate payment option with a whole host of benefits.

Save time

  • Forgot your wallet? No need to run back home. Just pull out your smartphone and pay

Perfect for...

  • Buying whatever you need as long as your total is under $100
  • Great for things like coffee, snacks, gas, and quick trips to the grocery store
  • Keeping track of your spending
  • Digitally storing and organizing your Receipts
  • Storing your SCENE membership card and using your phone to redeem rewards and check your points balance


Use it anywhere

  • Use My Mobile Wallet anywhere that you see this symbol:

Q.How do I get started?

You need a few things before you can start to use My Mobile Wallet:

  • An eligible ScotiaCard Interac-flash enabled debit card, Scotiabank credit card with Visa payWave, Scotiabank American Express card or Prepaid Visa card.
  • A compatible NFC enabled smartphone with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher
  • A data plan or access to Wi-Fi

Please note that My Mobile Wallet will not be available for rooted smartphones.  Rooted phones are devices have been altered to remove the limitations placed by a device manufacturer, thus allowing the user to attain control of the Android mobile operating system

Start paying with your smartphone:

It's an easy way to pay for everyday purchases with your smartphone.

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