Make paying bills a breeze

Bill Payments

Easy ways to make paying bills a breeze

Bill Payments

Make paying
bills painless

  • Quick
  • Trackable
  • Completely convenient

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Q.What's the best way for me to pay my bills?

The easiest way to pay your bills is by using your computer, smartphone or tablet – whatever is most convenient for you. Relaxing at home? Use your computer. At a café? Use your tablet or smartphone. Plus, no matter what option you use, paying your bills is a snap.

Easy and convenient

  • Take care of one bill or several at once. Either way it's just a few clicks

Save Time

  • It's quicker than paying bills at the branch or writing and mailing a cheque

Avoid bad weather

  • Pay bills from home and avoid the rain, snow or extreme heat

Safe and secure

  • Your confirmation number proves you've paid
  • See every payment on your statement

Q.What do I need to get started?

Simply sign up to use Scotia OnLine or download the Mobile Banking app. Then, register your bills. If you need a hand, we can help.

Show me how:

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