Interac e-Transfer

Move money to or from any Canadian bank account

It's easy to send money to family and friends. Find out more at the Digital Centre.

  • Is it right for me?

    Is it right for me?

    Interac e-Transfer Logo

    It's ideal if you want a convenient and quick way of sending or receiving money electronically.

  • Tell me about it

    Tell me about it

    Need to send, request or receive money from friends and family? Try Interac e-Transfer†*. It’s a safe, easy way to transfer funds through Scotia OnLine, Mobile Banking or iMessage on your iPhone.

    All you and your recipient need are an email address and a Canadian bank account with access to online banking.

  • Receiving funds

    Receiving funds

    NEW: Receive transfers effortlessly with Autodeposit

    When you register your email address for Autodeposit, any transfers sent to you will be automatically deposited into your pre-selected bank account; you won’t have to login to Scotia OnLine or Mobile Banking, and there’s no security questions to answer. It’s especially useful if you receive transfers regularly for rent, living expenses, or client payments.

    It's easy to set up

    1. Log in to your account through Scotia OnLine or Mobile Banking.

    2. If you’re using Scotia OnLine select: Transfers > Interac e-Transfer > Manage Autodeposit. For Mobile Banking, go to the main menu and tap: Interac e-Transfer > Manage Autodeposit.

    3. Fill in the information and select Register.

    4. You’ll get a confirmation email from the Interac e-Transfer service. Confirm the registration within 24 hours and you’re done.

    NEW: Request Money helps you collect the funds you’re owed

    Does your friend owe you for dinner? Or maybe a client needs to make a payment. Request Money makes it easier for friends, family and clients to send you the funds they owe you.

    Making a Request is simple

    1. Log in to your account through Scotia OnLine or Mobile Banking.

    2. If you’re using Scotia OnLine select: Transfers > Interac e-Transfer > Request money. For Mobile Banking, go to the main menu and tap: Interac e-Transfer > Request money.

    3. Enter the information needed and confirm your request.

    Your friend, family member or client will get a “Request Money” notification from the Interac e-Transfer service. They simply need to accept the request by logging into their account and select the account they wish to pay from (they will not be charged an Interac e-Transfer fee). Once the “Request Money” is accepted the funds are automatically deposited into your account.

  • Sending funds

    Sending funds

    Use Interac e-Transfer easily through Online or Mobile banking

    It’s safe, secure and very convenient. All you need to do is:

    1) Sign into Scotia OnLine or Scotiabank Mobile Banking.
    2) Select Transfer> Interac e-Transfer.
    3) Enter your transfer information, confirm the transaction and you're done. Your recipient will get an email letting them know they've received funds.

    Texting? Use your iPhone and send funds in iMessage

    As long as you have an iPhone 5s or later and an OS of 10 or higher, you can send money with iMessage. Here's what you need to do.

    First add the App to iMessage.

    1. Open iMessage and select the icon (if you don’t see it, select the chevron “>”).
    2. Select “+” to add the Scotiabank app to iMessage
    3. In the ‘Manage’ tab scroll until you see the Scotiabank icon and flip the toggle to “On”

    Then send your Interac e-transfer.

    1. In iMessage, press then tap the Scotiabank logo. If you don't see it, just swipe until you do.
    2. Login with Touch ID
    3. Enter your transfer information
    4. Hit "Continue", confirm your transfer and you're done

    You'll see your transfer as an iMessage. Your recipient can select the text to deposit the funds. They'll get the money even if they use an Android, Blackberry or older iPhone.

  • Where do I start?

    Where do I start?

    Scotia OnLine or Scotia Mobile Banking Sign in

    Not registered? Here's what you need.
    Mobile & Tablet
    Download the Scotiabank App Available on the Appstore Android app on Google play

    BlackBerry app

    Visit our Digital Centre for great time-saving tips. Learn more
  • How do I use it?

    How do I use it?

    Watch the 'Interac e-Transfer' video
    Interac e-Transfer* 1:20 min
    Perfect when you need to send money to family and friends. Watch video

    Watch the 'e-Transfer - How It Works' video
    Interac e-Transfer* - How It Works 1:52 min
    Person-to-person or person-to-business, transfer funds from just about anywhere. Watch video
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    1. How do I stop or cancel an Interac e-Transfer?

    2.How do I know this is safe and secure?

    3. Are Interac e-Transfer* time-sensitive?

    4. What happens if the recipient doesn't answer the security question correctly?

    5. What are the Interac e-Transfer limits?

    6. How much does it cost to send or receive an Interac e-Transfer?

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