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Don’t become a victim of fraud

Scotiabank will never ask you for private information through an unexpected web page, email, text or phone call.

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    What would you start if
    you won new tech gear?

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    Enter our #StartMeUp contest and you could WIN!

    What would you start if you won new tech gear?

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  • Choose the right
    mortgage with
    expert advice.

    Our mortgage advisors show you
    mortgage solutions customized
    to your needs.

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    Choose the right mortgage with expert advice.

    Our mortgage advisors show you mortgage solutions customized to your needs.

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  • Give the gift of
    ultimate choice.

    Introducing the new Scotiabank
    Visa Gift Card.

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    Give the gift of ultimate choice.

    Introducing the new Scotiabank Visa Gift Card.

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  • Buying your first home Buying your first home

    Home sweet home

    Start your home ownership journey

    • Discover just how much you can afford
    • Save your down payment in a high-interest savings account
    • Decide what features you need in your dream home

    Mortgage choices

    Learn about the mortgage options available so you feel confident when you’re ready to apply.

    View mortgages

    Expert advice

    Got mortgage questions? Home Financing Advisors can give you answers and advice at your home, work or anywhere else that’s convenient for you.

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    What’s a fixed rate?

    With a fixed-rate mortgage your interest rate stays the same for your entire term. Even if the Prime rate rises – your rate doesn’t.

    What’s a variable rate?

    With a variable-rate mortgage your interest rate goes up and down as the prime rate changes. When interest rates are low – you pay less interest.

    What’s a mortgage term?

    A term is the length of time that your mortgage conditions are in effect. A 5-year term is the most common choice.

  • Starting your career Starting your career

    Jumping into the job market

    Make smart moves

    • Consider upgrading to a chequing account that suits your new needs
    • Increase payments towards student loans or other debts
    • Open a savings account and put away funds for future goals

    Invest now

    An RRSP can help you save on taxes while growing your money. Start by investing just $50/month. The sooner you begin, the better off you’ll be.

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    Credit cards that reward you

    Feel more independent with your own credit card. Plus, you can get a card that gives you something back – like free movies, cash back or travel rewards.

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  • Starting your new business Starting your new business

    Be your own boss

    Getting ready to launch

    • Create your business plan with help from this handy tool
    • Get a banking package with a chequing account and credit access
    • Decide how you’ll accept payments – through POS, online or both

    Everyday business purchases

    Take care of office supplies, travel expenses, business meals and more with a business Visa card. Plus, earn cash back on nearly everything you buy.

    Apply now

    Plan for success

    Should you incorporate? How can you cut costs? Get answers from our Small Business Advisors. They can offer advice and solutions for your business challenges.

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    Win $10,000

    Complete this short survey and you’ll be entered for a chance to win $10,000 for your small business.

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  • Saving for retirement Saving for

    Saving for retirement

    Creating the future you want

    Plan ahead. Skip the scramble

    Contribute to your RRSP automatically every month with pre-authorized contributions. It’s an effortless way to avoid the RRSP scramble.

    Start saving regularly

    Stay on top of your money

    With Scotia InfoAlerts, you get a notification when money moves through your account. It’s a free, convenient and customizable way to keep an eye on your finances.

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    Turning 71 this year?

    Remember you’ll need to convert your RRSPs into RRIFs in order to access your funds.

    Learn about RRIFS
    Enjoying retirement with your significant other
  • Travelling for March break Travelling for March break

    Getting away for spring break

    Time for some family fun

    A couple on chairs looking out at the beach

    Skip the surcharges

    Looking for a bank machine in another country? Use the Global ATM Alliance and you’ll save on fees.

    Find an ATM

    Shopping made simple

    While you’re in the U.S., use your ScotiaCard with VISA debit card to pay for souvenirs and more. It’s safe, simple and there’s no transaction fee.

    Get your card

    Kickstart vacation savings

    Once you’re home, start saving for your next getaway. A high-interest Scotiabank Momentum Savings Account can help.

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  • Getting ready to retire Getting ready to retire

    Enjoy the freedom

    Expert financial advice

    Cashing in on RRSPs

    Before you turn 71, you’ll need to transfer your RRSPs into a Registered Retirement Income Fund. Then you can access the money you’ve worked so hard to save.

    Open an RRIF

    Affordable travel insurance

    Heading south for the winter? Stay safe with travel insurance and get up to $5 million in emergency medical coverage.

    Protect yourself
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    Get your senior savings

    Did you know? As soon as you turn 60, you get $4.00 off your monthly bank fee. Drop by your branch to start saving.

    Get your discount
  • Starting your life in Canada Starting your life in Canada

    Helping you settle in

    Getting ready to move

    • We can help you make the move easier
    • Get advice, accounts and solutions
    • Start settling in even before you arrive
    Student studying with a laptop

    Studying in Canada

    From a bank account and credit card to advice and guidance, you can get what you need to start your studies in Canada.

    Study in Canada

    Banking for newcomers

    Recently moved to Canada? Start your new life with a Scotiabank bank account designed just for newcomers like you.

    Start banking

    Send money back home

    Helping family at home? Western Union Money Transfer is a simple, safe and budget-friendly way to send funds anywhere in the world.

    Send funds
  • Caring for your parents Caring for your parents

    Helping the people you love

    Supporting your parents

    • A Prepaid VISA Card is an easy way to help your parents
    • Just load funds onto the card
    • Your parents can get groceries, prescriptions, and more

    Keep valuables safe

    A safety deposit box is a great place to keep wills, jewellery, photographs and anything that you want to protect under lock and key.

    Protect your valuables

    Avoiding NSFs

    If you’re taking care of a few expenses for your parents, overdraft protection helps you ensure that you’re never short of funds.

    Safeguard your account

    Be ready to help

    Will your parents need extra care down the road? Start saving now so that you’ll have the funds to help.

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Protect yourself from email, text and phishing scams.

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